The Italian Twin Club

PHOENIX (Monday, July 17th, 2022) – Sporting Arizona FC and State 48FC are proud to announce their sister club based in Roma, Italy, Associazione Polisportiva Pian Due Torri, 1965.

For the first time in Arizona’s  history, a locally managed, and independent soccer organization establishes a bridge institution in Italy.

“AP Pian Due Torri in Rome mirrors our values, our organization and our dreams. They have a big job ahead in their attempt to refurbish their stadium and multifunctional structure which is located in the heart of one of Rome’s most populous and football fanatic areas. We will do our best to support them to achieve their objectives” – said Gennaro Buonocore, Sporting Arizona FC’s President. 

“Joining State 48 FC and Sporting Arizona FC was the easiest choice for us. We represent a glorious district of Rome, the Magliana. Just like our new allies, we owe our community reasons to be proud and to belong. Inclusiveness and hard work are the reasons for which we want to be chosen by young footballers and their families” – said Claudio Scalzotto, AP Pian Due Torri’s Managing Director – “The Magliana is State 48 and Sporting Arizona’s new Italian home”

“Planting our foot internationally in Rome, is not a product of coincidence but a testimony of the work our institution puts in, day in and day out. There is a vision, a mission, a plan and people are starting to recognize it. We are a collective of highly qualified individuals that are passionate about building a legacy in the name of Arizona for our youth, path to pro players, and generations to come,” said Heber Valenzuela, State 48FC’s President, and Sporting Arizona’s Managing Director. “Our programs are now internationally mirrored and complemented under an umbrella that is proven to help youth achieve success through the sport we love.”

Associazione Polisportiva Pian Due Torri, is one of the oldest not-for-profit youth programs in Rome, Italy. Founded in 1965, it’s legendary teams cater for Magliana’s football hopefuls. It represents the second most populous district of the Italian capital.

The State 48FC Foundation and Sporting Arizona FC’s mission is to provide youth developmental and competitive soccer players with a pathway to success. We are currently prospecting youth soccer players ages 6 to 18 years to join our club program, and elite players between the ages of 16 to 21 to join our path to pro reserve team, Arizona Sahuaros. For more information, please email or visit |